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Your refrigerator is undoubtedly the most important of all household appliances in your kitchen, as it is responsible for keeping all your products fresh so that you can feed your family. As a result, why would you risk turning to an inexperienced LG refrigerator repair specialist? You can count on us to do the job quickly and professionally.

We have been trained by the manufacturer and are certified for refilling the refrigerant, so we can quickly and accurately eliminate any malfunctions, diagnose and fix equipment malfunctions. We are always ready to help you with a quick solution to the problem and friendly customer service. For your convenience, we offer fast same-day service of LG refrigerator repair in Georgetown and surrounding areas.

As a certified LG appliance service provider, we have been providing unsurpassed LG refrigerator repair in Georgetown and nearby cities for almost 25 years.

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LG refrigerator repair in Georgetown

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If your LG refrigerator has started to mess up and is bothering you, disrupting your comfortable life, it’s time to seek professional help. Our repairmen are just a call away and ready to help.

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LG refrigerator error codes

Here are some error codes can warn you about voltage or power supply issues, problems with the cooling mode and other problems.

Reset the condition of the refrigerator by following the instructions in the user manual.

You will have to install a new ice maker fan or ice maker drive instead of the faulty ones or repair them. If the replacements or repairs you have made have had no effect, and you continue to receive this error, it means that the main control unit needs to be replaced.

Inspect the fan drive and test it, repair or replace it. If you are not sure of the necessary actions, contact the repair service, since certain technical skills are required to perform this kind of work.

Inspect the fan of the ice compartment, and if you see that it is blocked, remove the objects blocking its rotation. Otherwise, repair or replace the fan drive if it is defective. If nothing helps, check the wiring, the power management unit and the main electronic control unit for any malfunctions. If necessary, you should replace the components with new ones.

Inspect the ice maker fan drive and, if it is faulty, replace it or repair it.

It is necessary to carefully inspect the defrosting heater, circuit board or fuse. You will need to repair them or replace them if they fail.

Check the freezer temperature sensor, the wiring that leads to it, and all connections on the main electronic control unit. If you find a defect in one of these components, contact a specialist for their repair or replacement.

Inspect the fan drive and order it to be replaced or repaired if you see that it does not work.

Check the refrigerator temperature sensor, wiring harness and all connections on the main electronic control unit. If you find a defect in one of these components, contact a specialist for their repair or replacement.

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We treat every service call with an outlook towards the future. Our ultimate goal is to provide results that meet your expectations and leave you satisfied. If you need a professional LG refrigerator repair in Georgetown technician to look at your refrigerator or any other LG home appliances, leave your contact information bellow and we’ll get back to you immediately! You can also call us on 512-230-7132 for rapid deployment of Hill Country Repairs crew. Thank you for choosing Hill Country Repairs for your LG refrigerator repair in Georgetown.

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