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A properly functioning dishwasher is often like an anchor on which all the work of your kitchen depends. This significantly reduces the time spent on everyday kitchen chores, providing you with the cleanliness of restaurant-level dishes without any effort.

But when a sudden breakdown occurs and you find that your dishwasher is not being cleaned (which no appliance is completely insured against), you get the opposite situation – in the blink of an eye, your kitchen turns out to be littered with dirty dishes, and the time it takes to clean it does not cost you cheap. I’m about to cry.

If the description of this nightmare makes your heart skip a beat, you really should have our number on speed dial! Hill Country Repairs performs repairs on the same day with long-lasting results and warranty. Is there a “fix my dishwasher next to me” situation? We’re right around the corner to help!

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dishwasher repair in Austin

Our repairmen have an average of 10 years of experience, so we know all the subtleties, and no work on repairing or replacing dishwashers can put us at a dead end. We are repairing: Built-in, Double, Portable, and Countertop dishwashers and brands such as Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, LG, Frigidaire and more.

Built-In Dishwashers – The most common type of dishwasher that fits ergonomically into the design of your kitchen. But it also has its pitfalls. To diagnose most of the malfunctions of the built-in device, it must be removed from the kitchen facade, which requires tools and knowledge. For example, you can break the supply or drain hoses with one careless movement, or even deform the metal body of the dishwasher. Built in dishwashers are most common one and we provide the service of dishwasher repair in Austin area.

Double Dishwashers – This type is quite rare, but this does not mean that we are less competent in eliminating its breakdowns. If one of the drawers of your double dishwasher is jammed, it may be due to the fact that too large plates were placed in it. It often happens that the plate can block an object from the inside, like a “harpoon”. It is necessary to act carefully if he wants both the dishwasher and glassware to survive at the same time. The dual drive can also have separate supply and drain pipes, they are much more complicated than usual. Our company is specialized to help customers looking for a this type of dishwasher repair in Austin area.

Portable Dishwashers – Portable items are the opposite of built–in ones – they look like autonomous devices, are equipped with wheels for easy transportation and can be placed anywhere near sewage drains and water supply points, even in bathrooms and laundries. Portable devices are easier to dismantle, but their internal design is slightly different. Thus, such common disasters as a dishwasher leak are also their habitual disease. For customer who need this type of dishwasher repair in Austin, we might not work on such dishwashers. Call our main line for more info.

Countertop Dishwashers – This modern type of device is usually preferred by those who have little space in the kitchen (and also not so many dishes to wash). The stand-alone device is the size of a standard microwave oven and is often carried into the kitchen. Despite its small size, the amount of headache it can deliver to the owner is comparable to its older brothers. The design of the countertop device is similar to the reduced mechanism of a full-size device. It also has its own small pump, a small drain and elements for heating water. And the repair of mobile dishwashers is also not an independent matter.

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