Wine Cooler Temperature Problems

Is your wine cooler not cooling? Do you find that your wine comes out of the cooler too warm for your taste? There’s no problem with the power – the cooler is plugged in and the lights are on. What can be the issue? There can be many reasons that cause temperature problems with your wine cooler, and here are some of them.

Compressor Problems

The compressor is what causes your cooler to cool down. If the compressor is not working properly in your wine cooler, it could cause temperature problems. The compressor may, for some reason, not be getting enough power, and it is not starting properly. Alternatively, it may be overheating, causing it to malfunction.

Capacitor Problems

The capacitor is what causes the compressor to start. It sends a boost of energy to the compressor, and if there are problems with it, it could cause problems down the line, causing your wine to not cool down.

Fan Problems

It could be that the fans are not working properly. If even just one of the fans is broken, it could cause the temperature in the entire cooler to go up.

Thermostat Problems

It could also be that the thermostat is broken. Alternatively, the sensors that tell the thermostat the temperature may not be functioning the way they should. They then relate the wrong information to the fans, which then cool down the cooler to the wrong temperature.

Only a professional wine cooler repair specialist will be able to determine what the underlying issue is and fix it. We have experience with these issues. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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