When To Replace Refrigerator`s Water Filter

If you haven’t changed your refrigerator water filter in a few months, a year, or several years, you may be wondering when you should replace it. Maybe your water still tastes fine, so you’re questioning if changing your fridge filter is even necessary. Just because your water tastes fresh, does not mean it is. Many contaminants are tasteless.  This article will discuss three signs that you may need to have a fresh filter installed. 

The water comes out very slowly.

The job of your refrigerator’s filter is to remove sediment and other unwanted debris from the water. This helps to improve your drinking experience, while also protecting internal components from damage or degradation. Yet eventually a filter will have reached its maximum capacity. 

When that time comes, the water flow will often start to seem much weaker. That’s because the filter is simply so choked up with debris that even the water is having a hard time getting through. Unless you contact a professional repair person, the problem will only continue to grow worse. 

Your water and ice have started to taste weird.

A good refrigerator filter acts to remove more than just sediment from the water. It also works by filtering out substances that can give the water and ice an “off” flavor. In other words, your taste buds are one of the most reliable means of detecting when it’s time for a new filter. You may also notice that both your ice and your water has taken on a somewhat cloudy appearance. 

If you believe that your refrigerator’s water filter is ready for replacement, please do not hesitate to call the experts at Hill Country Repairs.

After replacing your refrigerator filter, make sure to run a gallon or two of water and discard.  This will flush the carbon residue from the filter.

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