Signs Of A Bad Dishwasher Door Gasket

As noted in a recent post, dishwashers are subject to a wide variety of issues and ailments. Because a dishwasher is being opened and closed even more than it is being run, one of the first things to go bad on a dishwasher is the door gasket. If you would like to improve your dishwasher troubleshooting skills, and avoid bigger problems in the process, read on. Here you will learn about two signs that your dishwasher `s door gasket is not doing its job correctly. 

The Basics

The door gasket has perhaps the most important job on your dishwasher: keeping water inside of the machine. The flexible gasket, which runs along the outer edge of the door, is responsible for forming a watertight seal. Unfortunately, over time it is subject to develop warps, cracks, and other forms of degradation and damage. These create problems by allowing moisture to escape out into your kitchen. 


Leaks represent the most obvious sign that your gasket is no longer doing its job. If you notice puddles of water on the floor around your dishwasher each time it has finished running, chances are a faulty gasket is at play. The same is true if you have noticed water dripping or dribbling out of the machine while it is running. 


Leaks tend to indicate gasket problems that have reached an especially bad stage. They also point to gasket problems on the lower portion of the door, since that part of the machine is subject to a lot more splashing water. Less severe instances of damage, as well as those that are located higher on the door, may not allow water to escape – yet steam still often does. 

Watch your dishwasher carefully as it runs. If you notice that an excessive amount of steam seems to be escaping from around the door, there is a good chance your gasket needs to be replaced. Don’t put this off, as that steam can cause problems for both the machine and for any nearby countertops. 

If you believe that your dishwasher’s door gasket is in need or repair, feel free to schedule a consultation with the professionals at Hill Country Repairs.

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