Replace Or Repair The Dryer?

A broken dryer immediately leads to time-consuming consequences: You either set up clothes lines (which some housing associations specifically ban), or you gather up your laundry and figure out where the closest laundromat is. After that, the hunt for a new dryer begins.

But does it have to? Many common issues with dryers are actually solvable by a trained technician. Here are just a few of the situations where dryer repair is likely the solution.

Your dryer is working but isn’t properly heating up.

Your dryer is working but isn’t properly heating up.
This happens if the temperature switch or heating coils fail.
A lousy fuse can also cause this problem, which is simply the nature of fuses; even the highest quality dryer brands such as Maytag and Whirlpool machines are susceptible

Your dryer heats up too much.

This is a problem that needs attention from a professional as soon as possible. The thermostat or heating coils are active but malfunctioning. Let a professional diagnose this problem before attempting to use your dryer again.

The spin mechanism doesn’t start.

Any number of repairable mechanical failures can prevent your unit from spinning. Instead of hunting for a new dryer, all you might need is a replacement belt and a little time from a repairman.

Your dryer does not turn on at all.

In the age of digital technology, we’ve been trained to an almost instinctual level to write off tech and appliances if they don’t respond when connected to power. That isn’t always the case. Your unit might have a bad starter switch. The thermostat might be malfunctioning, preventing the dryer from being used until a repair. You might have even tripped the circuit breaker, so don’t run to your local department store for a new Kenmore machine just yet!

If you have an issue with your unit, don’t panic. There’s a very good chance your problem falls into one of these categories. And even if it doesn’t, contacting a repair technician is the right call to make. Don’t spend the time and money finding a new machine when your old one simply needs a little professional care.

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