Repairing A Clogged Dishwasher Sprayer Arm

Dishwashers are naturally prone to a number of distressing problems. One of the most common is a sprayer arm that no longer distributes water correctly. This often leaves dishes streaky and unclean. If you would like to learn more about how to go about resolving this issue, read on. This article will discuss how to find and eliminate problematic dishwasher sprayer arm clogs.

The Basic Idea

The sprayer arm is responsible for circulating hot, soapy water inside of your dishwasher. A pump sends this water into the sprayer and pushes it out through a series of holes along the sprayer arm. The problem is that, over time, these tiny holes become clogged. This may be the result of food or waste particles, but it can also be caused by soap and hard water deposits that have gradually built up.

Removing The Sprayer Arm

In order to restore proper functionality to your sprayer arm, you will first need to remove it from the machine. Some dishwashers make this removal easy; all you have to do is pull the sprayer upward, wiggling it gently from side to side until it is loose. Other dishwashers require that you first loosen a bolt located in the center of the arm. In either cases, you will first need to lift out the lower dish-rack to gain access to the sprayer arm.

Solving The Problem

Once you have removed the sprayer arm, carefully set aside any washers that have come out with it; these will need to be reinstalled along with the sprayer arm. Now fill your sink with warm, soapy water and allow the sprayer arm to soak in it for a few minutes. This will help loosen up any debris. Now, using a pin or a pipe cleaner, one by one clean out each of the holes. Once you’ve got all of them clean again, reinstall the sprayer arm as before.

If your dishwasher continues to exhibit problems, please contact us for a more thorough evaluation.

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