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We at Hill Country Repairs specialize in repairing and fixing LG refrigerators, no matter the problem. Our techs are best in the area to handle any non-cooling LG refrigerators on the same day since we carry all the LG spare parts for same-day installation and repair in our service vehicles. Our LG-trained techs can replace the linear compressor and sealed system parts and recharge the freon if needed. Call us today, and one of our friendly representatives will help you to schedule a repair appointment. You can request to speak to a service technician if you have technical questions or repair concerns. Our repairs come with a warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

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Our Repair Experts Can Fix LG Refrigerators on the same day

LG makes one of the best modern-looking refrigerators packed with Modern technology. LG refrigerators are so high-tech that techs must have special tools and training to repair them. Our LG-trained technicians carry only LG OEM parts and LG linear compressors on their service vehicles. To stay updated with all the new technology from such a pioneer manufacturer as LG, our technicians must constantly go through LG training courses.

That is why we are the best appliance repair company to repair and fix LG refrigerators in Austin. Our technicians are insured and EPA licensed with exceptional customer service and always use gloves and shoe covers while entering customers’ property. We also understand each customer’s needs and carry face masks if customers want us to use one. Regardless of our customer’s needs and requests, we always find the best way to satisfy them and provide the best quality service in the shortest time.

The Most Trusted LG Fridge repair in Austin

LG refrigerators come in all sizes and shapes. LG makes French door refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators, top freezers, and bottom freezer-mounted refrigerators. The option depends on customers’ preferences, and the price for the new LG refrigerator is relatively low compared to the other manufacturers on the market to buy a new refrigerator. However, LG refrigerators are not expensive, but spare parts could be more costly than the competition brands. Our technicians carry various LG parts on their service vehicles and can repair any LG refrigerator on the same scheduled appointment day, no matter the issue.

We have technicians available from 8 AM to 7 PM any day of the week, and we have holiday appointments or emergency service availability. You can call us today to schedule an LG refrigerator repair appointment.

LG refrigerator error codes

We repair and fix LG refrigerators with any problems, and below are a few common LG refrigerator issues we see more often. Disconnecting the appliance for at least 5 minutes is highly recommended to see if the problem resolves. Modern appliances come with several electronic boards, and sometimes, communication errors between the boards prevent the appliance from operating and functioning correctly. Resetting the electronic boards will fix many issues. But if disconnecting the fridge from the power supply did not solve the problem, call us, and we will send a repair technician ASAP.

LG refrigerator is not cooling

The issue of not cooling is an extensive explanation that could be related to the compressor and the level of Freon. Our technicians carry LG linear compressors and can repair and fix LG refrigerators after they receive homeowner approval. They are EPA-certified and can recover and charge Freon and replace the evaporator and condenser coils if needed. LG requires that the main control board be replaced when a new compressor is installed.

LG Fridge Repair Of makes noises

Most LG French door refrigerators have issues with the ice-maker fan motor. The ice-maker fan assembly is located in the freezer section and is dedicated to pushing air to the ice-maker cavity. Due to temperature differences and moisture with humidity around the ice-maker, excessive ice buildup builds around the motor. The ice maker fan hits the ice, where the noise comes from. LG updated the ice-maker assembly fan motors, and new fan motors have a dedicated heater installed to prevent the ice from being built up. Our repair techs can remove the ice using a steamer, which is the safest way to defrost the ice and order a new ice maker fan ASAP if needed.

LG refrigerators is cooling but freezer is warm

When the refrigerator section is cold, but the freezer is warm, it could be related to a defrost system, a faulty heating element, a defrost bimetal, or a control board. Our technician will disassemble the unit, test all parts separately for continuity, and determine the exact failed parts. We carry defrost bimetals and heating elements, and our techs can handle the issue on the same day.

LG refrigerator dispenser issues

LG has the best modern-looking dispenser design in the business, and unfortunately, LG’s design has its flaws. Due to moisture and humidity around the dispenser, the control dispenser and switch dispenser will lose connectivity. Our technicians have special tools to disassemble the dispenser and replace failed parts. If you have LG dispenser issues with the water supply, disconnect the appliance from the water supply to prevent flooding. Our technician will fix LG refrigerator and turn the water on afterward.

Our Service Areas If You Are Looking For an LG Refrigerator repair Near Me

We at Hill Country Repairs repair and fix LG refrigerators in Leander and all the cities around Leander. Sometimes, the distance could be outside our service area. Still, we offer services in distant cities such as Liberty Hills and Spicewood with a little extra charge. We service Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Sun City, Cedar Park, Leander, Lakeway, Steiner Ranch, Pflugerville, Hutto, and West Lake Hills. For a faster response, please give us a call and speak to one of our friendly representatives. You can also fill out the contact form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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