Do You Need Wine Cooler Repair?

Wine coolers are becoming the new “it” product in the household. They make wine storage convenient and inexpensive, and can even be used to chill other beverages to the perfect temperature. Best of all, they are a great money-saving investment because they offer an alternative to a wine cellar or refrigerator. But a broken unit jeopardizes this benefit. This is why you should always watch for warning signs that you may need wine cooler repair, and to address those signs as soon as possible.

Some of the most common problems include but are not limited to:

  • A wine cooler that is making strange noises. This is usually caused by either a malfunctioning internal fan or compressor, and can usually be repaired by a professional. 
  • A cooler that is leaking water. This is often caused by a bad door seal or a clogged drain line, both of which are fixable. 
  • A cooler that does not turn on. This is usually due to an incorrectly connected power cords or a tripped fuse. A professional can correct these issues.
  • A unit that is not cooling. This is most often caused by a thermostat, condenser, evaporator, or compressor not working correctly. A technician will be able to identify and address the issue.

If these or any other problems arise with your unit, it is best to contact a professional to repair your wine cooler , instead of risk damaging the unit more by trying to fix it yourself. If any issues have arisen with your wine cooler, or you just have any additional questions about your wine cooler or another appliance, please feel free to contact us. repair your wine cooler

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