Do I Need A New Microwave?

At the first sign of trouble, many people choose to discard their old microwave and purchase a new one. You may be surprised to know that microwave repair is more affordable than you think-here are a few occasions when it would be worthwhile to consider.

1. When the turntable is not rotating

This could mean that the carousel needs realigned, or that you have a split or worn out turntable drive bushing. Both of these are easy and inexpensive fixes that will have your turntable up and moving in no time.

2. Your oven is not heating food properly

A defective magnetron, diode, or capacitor is probably to blame. Although these are relatively inexpensive repairs, they are somewhat complicated and should therefore be performed by a professional.

3. The microwave isn’t working at all

If your oven is plugged into a working outlet, the likely cause is a blown fuse, which can be caused by slamming the door too hard. Another culprit might be a faulty door switch, which takes only a few minutes to replace.

4. The touch pad works only part of the time

This is a common problem when a microwave has suffered water or insect damage. Replacing the touch pad should resolve any issues you have, ensuring you are able to use it correctly each and every time.

When to Replace your Microwave

If you notice sparks coming from your microwave, and you are not using metal or foil, it is time for a replacement. This is known as arcing, a dangerous condition that might result in your oven catching on fire. It is often due to a hole in the cavity wall, and is something that is not easily repairable.

You put your microwave through a lot of use, so it’s only natural to expect some problems every now and then. If you are noticing any of the minor issues above, please contact us to schedule service.

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