Cooktop Burners Not Working. Tips To Help

After coming home from a long day at work the last thing you want to find is that the burners on your stove won’t ignite. What to do about supper? Looks like it’s reservations, again. Last week you had a sense that something was amiss but the burners eventually did work and you had a wonderful meal and it seemed like it was nothing to be concerned about. Until now. Some of the most common cooktop repairs we encounter in the greater Austin area are burners that won’t heat properly. While we do not recommend you perform the repairs yourself, we have provided the following helpful troubleshooting tips to assist you.

Electric Stove

Is it one burner or are all the burners not working? If it’s one burner, it could either be the coil or the connection. Turn off the stove and allow the burner to cool before touching it. Unplug the coil and examine it for any cracks, blisters, or bubbles. If the coil passes a visible inspection, try swapping it with another coil of the same size. Testing both burners will help determine if it’s the coil or the connection. If all the burners are not working, this suggests a larger electrical problem. A fuse or circuit breaker may have blown or tripped. It is also possible that a fuse inside the cooktop may have blown. Test the outlet that the stove is plugged into. If these few simple tips do not resolve your issue, call the Hill Country Repairs professionals at 512-595-9222 . 

Gas Stove

Do you own a gas stove that won’t ignite? When you turn a burner to the Light position this sends a signal to the spark modulator which sends a spark to the burner you want lit. When you click one, you click them all. Are there any burners not showing spark? Try running this simple test. Click the left burner to the Light position. The other burners won’t ignite but they should show a spark. If a burner is not showing a spark, the igniter wiring harness is defective. Another common problem we encounter is when there is no click and no spark. Working from left to right, turn on each burner one at a time. If you come to one that does not click or throw a spark at the burner, then the cooktop has a bad spark module. The last troubleshoot to consider is when you turn the burner to the Light position and you clearly hear a click and see a spark, but the burner still won’t light, there is probably a clog in the burner. Over the course of time, a lot of food is cooked on your stove. Occasionally food and grease debris will clog the gas line blocking gas flow to the igniter. You could remove the burner and clean this yourself. 

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