Common Wolf Stoves Issues

Wolf stoves are tough enough to serve you a long time, but it does not mean you do not need to take care of it regularly. When your stove breaks up, starts showing some issues and functions improperly, don`t panic, firstly try to examine and diagnose the problem. Also, we recommend whatever problem you have with your wolf stove, whether it looks simple to take care of or looks difficult, call the qualified repair technicians to avoid further problems.

In this article we have provided some stove issues which you may run into.

Problem With the Surface Burners

This problem happens almost to all the stoves once or more during its lifetime, including wolf stoves. The causes are power-up issues, moisture, or debris collection issues.

  • Power-up Issues

Firstly, go to your front panel, if it is not working, then the problem is not because of the igniter. Examine the stove`s electrical wires and your house`s circuit breakers. If they are okay, find dedicated circuit breakers in your stove and reset them manually. If this doesn’t help then maybe the reason is on the electrical system of your house.

  • Moisture Problem 

Check your cooktop where the burners are, if it is wet, the flames will not ignite. Remove the moist with a warm, soapy washcloth.

  • Debris Collection Issues

The surface burner can be clogged by dirt and grease buildup and can prevent it to light up. Use special grease cleaners and a hard brush to remove the dirt.

Pilot Lights Go Out

Most of the older stoves have a feature called Pilot Light. A pilot light is a small firing thing inside your stove that always stays lit. It uses to prevent gas leaks. It will occasionally go out. It’s not too difficult to clean and relit it, but if you are unsure of handling your pilot light, we recommend you call a qualified service technician.

Weak Burner Flame Level

Usually, a weak burner flame is caused by clogged burner flame openings. Try to clean the burner flame openings, if it won`t help, then the culprit might be little gas flow. In this case you better call a professional technician.

Gas Stove Leaks

When you enter your home and smell gas, instantly open windows to ventilate then turn off gas supplement to the stove. To spot gas leak first check burners, one of them might not be completely shut off. If all of them are closed completely and the gas is smelling anyways, call the gas company or a professional service technician. 

Burner Flame Makes Noises

When your stove`s burners make noises, that means that too much air or gas is flowing. Try to adjust the shutter and check if the air is not the reason. If you are not sure what causes this problem then call professionals, the problem might be serious. 

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