Common Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems And Ways To Troubleshooting Them

Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Tips

The typical lifespan of a Sub Zero refrigerator is 10 to 13 years. If you notice that your refrigerator isn’t working the way you expect, then it may be time to complete some Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting. 

There are some lightweight tips that you can do on your own for common problems. This guide will walk you over steps you can take before calling professionals.

Start your Sub Zero refrigerator troubleshooting to get it running again!

Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

If your refrigerator doesn’t go down to the right temperature, your food will get warmer and spoil.

If the lamp lights up when you open the door, it means that the refrigerator is getting power. If it doesn’t, make sure it’s plugged correctly to the electrical outlet and make sure the circuit breaker has not blown.

Next, regulate the thermostat and verify that the vents aren’t blocked. Then clean the coils under and behind the refrigerator to improve the cooling performance. If the issues is still there, after you complete these inspections, you probably need to call a professional Sub Zero repair technician to look at the evaporator or condenser fan and check the refrigerator overall.

Everything Is Freezing

Check Temperature Setting

Start by checking the temperature controller to make sure it is set at the right setting. It may be set too low.

Door Seal Damage

If you notice ice developing on the refrigerator door or the door seal, the seal may be faulty. When room temperature air gets in, the refrigerator will have a problem keeping the right pressure and temperature.

Condenser Dirty or Worn

The condenser may be unclean or worn. In case, the refrigerant will not cycle rightly, which will lead to over-freezing.

Defrost Drain Clogged

Sub Zero refrigerators have the function of a defrosting cycle when the refrigerator gets rid of additional frost and moisture through the defrosting drain. If the defrosting drain is dirty or clogged, ice will begin to form.

Is your refrigerator freezing? It is recommended to hire a professional perform a multiple tests or possibly replace the temperature control board. When the refrigerator fails to maintain the right temperature, it can lead to the refrigerator leaking.

How to Fix a Leaking Fridge

Sub Zero Refrigerator Leaking

The most common cause refrigerator leaks is because the defrost drain is clogged or frozen. You need to unfreeze the drain by flushing with hot water. This will clear the drain and allow the water to circle properly.

There are a few other places your refrigerator could leak: 

  • The water tank assembly is leaking.
  • The water inlet valve is damaged.
  • The water filter housing is cracked. 

If you’re struggling to discover the leak, a professional technician can help you troubleshoot your Sub Zero refrigerator

Sub Zero Refrigerator Temperature Fluctuates

Products in the refrigerator can influence the temperature of the fridge. Adding new once will raise the temperature, and packing the food tight will not allow the needed air to circulate to maintain the proper temperature.

Sub Zero Refrigerator Won’t Turn On

If you have recently relocated your refrigerator, you could be struggling with it not turning on. Remember, there’s lubrication in your fridge that requires staying in the compressor. If you didn’t keep it upright during the move, the lubricant could have leaked into the coils. The refrigerator needs to sit for a while after moving. This allows the lubricant to drain back to where it’s supposed to be. You can then turn it on, and it should operate smoothly. 

Check the unit door or drawer was not left open for an extended time, make sure the light switch is operational and check to see if the unit is not in Sabbath mode.

Make sure the power cord is safely plugged into the electrical outlet, and the electrical outlet has power. Turn the circuit breaker off for ten seconds then turn it back on. Also, make sure the unit is not connected to a GFCI.

Are you still struggling to solve the issue? If so, it’s time to call a Sub Zero repair professional.

Sub Zero Freezer Temperature Problems

The Freezer is Warm, But Fridge is Cold

Make sure the door has not been left open for an extended time. Remove anything that may be preventing the door from closing.

Check the gasket for cracks, rips, or tears.

Every three months, you should clean the condenser. This is important to help maintain the unit’s temperature.

Stop the Additional Frost in the Freezer

Older refrigerators are likely to have the problem of excess frost accumulating in the freezer. It’s typically a result of warm water getting in the fridge. Check and replace the seal around the door. 

If this isn’t the problem, then it could be the defrost sensor. You’ll need a Sub Zero technician to help you repair this.

Try These Sub Zero Fridge Troubleshooting Tips 

We hope you have received a few essential tips, reading “Common Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems And Ways To Troubleshooting Them” article.

As you can see, it’s best to seek a professional technician’s help because a minor problem can become a major problem without the proper fix.

Contact Hill Country Repairs today and let us help you troubleshoot and repair your Sub Zero refrigerator. 

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