Common Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems And Ways To Troubleshooting Them

Sub Zero Refrigerator Problems

sub zero refrigerator problems and how to fix them. call us today at Hill Country Repairs.

The typical lifespan of a Sub Zero refrigerator is 15-20 years. If you notice that your refrigerator isn’t working the way you expect, then it may be time to complete troubleshooting for some Sub Zero refrigerator problems. There are some lightweight tips that you can do on your own for common problems. But some others are a bit complex and need professionals to diagnose and repair. This guide will walk you through steps you can take before calling professionals. I will give my honest advise which problems is easy enough for DIY methods that anybody with average mechanical knowledge can perform with common tools.

Here are most common Sub Zero refrigerator problems:

1. Refrigerator is Not Getting Cold

If your refrigerator doesn’t go down to the right temperature, your food will get warmer and spoil. Older Sub Zero refrigerators have a thermostat that uses a long probe. Over time thermostats or cold control tend to fail with reading temperature. It might be warm or it might be too cold that it will freeze all products. Very easy to diagnose but repair might require a professional appliance repair man. Increasing temperature also could be because of a lower freon level. This is more likely for 15-year-olds plus fridges. This conceders one of the very common Sub Zero refrigerator problems. Evaporator coil, heat exchanger and filter dryer must be replaced. This repair requires licensed technician who can work with freon.

We at Hill Country Repair specialize in repairing and fixing any Sub Zero refrigerator problems.

2. Sub Zero refrigerator problems with easy solutions

Condenser coil vacuum is the maintenance that should be performed every year to keep the refrigerator running smoothly and not overheating. Not vacuuming the condenser coil could result in a shorting start relay protection for the compressor and possibly shorting the compressor eventually. It’s highly recommended to vacuum the coil every year or call a specialist to do it for you. The unit must be disconnected before doing any maintenance or repairs. Our specialists repair Sub Zero refrigerator problems daily and have all the proper tools for maintenance.

3. No cold air blowing from vents

When you feel temp inside is not cold enough on top shelves but lower shelves are ok, it means fan evaporator does not operate. In order to check if fan running or not, keep the door open and press the door switch. There are two switches which are activated by the closing door. Light switch and fan evaporator switch. If fan is ok continue to the next step. Regulate the thermostat and verify that the vents aren’t blocked. If the issues is still there, after you complete these inspections, you probably need to call a professional Sub Zero repair technician to look at the evaporator or condenser fan and check the refrigerator overall.

4. Check Temperature Setting

Start by checking the temperature controller to make sure it is set at the right setting. It may be set too low. The refrigerator side recommended setting is 37 Fahrenheit and the Freezer side is at 0. Older Sub Zeros have a mechanical cold control which is called the thermostat, and due to age, the accurate reading temperature inside the unit will be affected.

5. Door Seal Damage

If you notice ice developing on the refrigerator door or the door seal, the seal may be faulty. When room temperature air gets in, the refrigerator will have a problem keeping the right temperature. The freezer door seal is very crucial for the proper temperature and overall compressor running time. A broken door seal in the freezer side could cause ice build up around the door seal and ice build up will cause lots of moisture and water which could damage the floor. It might sound easy to replace the door gasket but actually Sub Zero brand has very complicated repair guide for the seals.

For Sub Zero refrigerator problems such as door seal replacement, it is better to call appliance repair professionals.

6. Vacuum Condenser Coil

Perhaps the most popular error codes for Sub Zero refrigerators. It means condenser has to be vacuumed. But be very careful when vacuuming the coil and do not damage blades for the coil. The condenser fan motor is very important to keep the condenser cool with air circulation. The fan is located between the condenser coil and the compressor. Air travels through the coil where warm freon just passes via sealed system tubes. If cleaning the condenser coil will not improve airflow, then the fan might be defective. For such Sub Zero refrigerator problems we highly recommend hiring a local Sub Zero appliance repair professional to repair it for you.

If cleaning the condenser coil did not remove the error code from the display and the condenser fan is running ok, the unit is likely low on freon. Low on freon is a very complicated repair and requires for technician to have an EPA license since it is related to freon. Some older freon must be recovered properly. Releasing freon to the atmosphere could result in a $10.000 fine by law. For some Sub Zero refrigerator problems it’s better to hire professionals and if you are located in Austin TX, we can help you with the diagnostics and repair.

7. Defrost Drain Clogged

Sub Zero refrigerators have the function of a defrosting cycle when the refrigerator gets rid of additional frost and moisture through the defrosting drain. If the defrosting drain is dirty or clogged, ice will begin to form. Access is relatively easy but it depends on the type and year of the Sub Zero refrigerators. Older Sub Zeros have very simple access just by removing the shelve anybody can clean the drain. But newer style Sub Zero’s are not easy and even professional Sub Zero service technicians have to spend a decent amount of time cleaning a drain.

8. The Freezer is Warm, But Fridge is Cold

Sub Zero is one of the best appliance brands and there is a reason for that. The refrigerator and freezer sections are built in one unit but both operate separately even one can be turned off completely while the other section will work perfectly. So it means they have separate compressors, separate fans, separate defrost systems, and separate sealed systems. If any of those parts fails, the proper function of the refrigerator or freezer will fail and the cooling will be disrupted. Very very broad explanation of the problem. This type of Sub Zero refrigerator problems requires repair experts to diagnose and repair the fridge.

Contact Hill Country Repairs today and let us help you with troubleshooting Sub Zero refrigerator problems.

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